All You Need To Know About the ASSE Safety Conference

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ASSE in full is the American Society of Safety Engineers. It is an organization that brings together all people working in any of the occupation safety and health professions. Although a majority of its members are Americans, there is a significant number that is from other parts of the world. Other than participating in policy formulation, the society also trains and educates its members on all matters safety. The safety conference is one of the ways in which the society enlightens its members. Here’s everything you need to know about the conference.

The ASSE Safety Conference takes place every year at around June. Although all the previous conference have been held in the US, the city and actual venue are usually different. The conference usually takes place over a duration of one week. There are usually some preconference seminars that take three days. The actual conference takes four days and then it is wound up with some post conference seminars.

Any safety professional is welcome to attend the conference. The conference is open to both the official members of ASSE and those yet to join the society. Even students aiming to have a career in Occupational Safety and Health can register and see how the industry works. The conference is also open to professionals from other parts of the world. All registrations can be done online on the ASSE website. Go to for detaeils.

The ASSE conference usually has two major parts. One is the seminars part and the other the exhibition part. For the seminars, ASSE always makes sure to invite industry leaders to tackle various topics. If you want to learn new things and keep updated with all the latest developments in the industry, the seminars will help with that. For the seminars, you will find both general topics and those specifically designed for various safety fields. The topics are usually determined beforehand and information is readily available on the ASSE website.

The expo part of the conference is usually given three days. The expo is meant for companies to showcase their latest innovations in the safety business. Not only do companies showcase their products, they also find buyers for them. If you are not exhibiting, you can also look for appropriate products for your company. The expo is normally attended by thousands of professionals, meaning it is a great opportunity for all involved.

On top of all this, conference attendees can also create new relationships with other professionals. The ASSE conference is the best place to meet and interact with all the industry leaders. From the speakers to other attendees, you will rub shoulders with industry heavyweights. This therefore offers the chance for people to get new contacts and exchange useful ideas. Click her to get started.

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